Z Pet Hotel & Spa is Santa Fe's favorite pet boarding, grooming, and training destination.

Meet our team at Z Pet Hotel & Spa!

Dez Ruth is one of Z Pet Hotel & Spa's talented groomers. She was born in Santa Barbara, California and grew up in New York City with a love and passion for all animals from early childhood. Feeling that a veterinary career was too heartbreaking, she chose to care for our special companions from a different perspective, graduating from the New York School of Dog Grooming with certification in 1985. After both grooming and teaching at that school, as well as the American Academy of Pet Grooming years later, she has shared her talent and skill in many well loved, busy salons. She is extremely well versed working with dogs of all breeds, as well as cats, and in doing custom styles. Dez says, "I'm grateful to be blessed with the talent and continued passion for my chosen path, and to be an integral part of such an awesome team at Z Pet Hotel."

Denise Chavez works as Z Pet Hotel & Spa's kennel technician and is sometimes called The Warden by the rest of the staff! She expertly manages our boarding kennel, keeping our guest dogs in order and making sure that everything operates smoothly during their stay with us. She has over four years of experience as a kennel tech and has three dogs of her own. Her goal is to become a Training Master for dogs at Z Pet. According to Denise, "My weaknesses are wet noses and Frenchies!"

Z Pet Hotel & Spa owner Mark Edwards has loved animals since he was a kid and has been working with animals professionally for over 40 years. A skilled dog trainer and long-time business owner, the successful operation of Z Pet Hotel & Spa is his passion.

When he arrived in Santa Fe in 2001, Mark started as a dog trainer at Paw Print Kennels and soon became the owner of that business as well as Pet Guardian. After running two locations in town for a time, in 2008 he consolidated both businesses into one location and changed the name to Z Pet Hotel & Spa.

Mark takes great pride in giving our clients a top-notch experience and works continuously to develop a positive, supportive, and team-based environment. According to Mark, "We really appreciate the support our locally-owned business receives from the community and hope we are providing an important service. We work hard to understand each animal's needs and behaviors and do what it takes to make our facility feel like their second home."

Working on both our kennel and bathing teams, Quin Kueffner is a New Mexico School for the Arts junior and has been with Z Pet Hotel & Spa since 2016 - at first as a volunteer and then transitioning to an employee in 2017. When she's not working at Z Pet, she volunteers at the Santa Fe Humane Society, working with dogs and other critters such as rabbits and guinea pigs. She enjoys art, such as drawing, painting, and sculpting. Quin aspires to become a veterinarian and says "I know that working at Z Pet will help me to experience and learn all about caring for animals." 

Denise (Dee) Maez is Z Pet Hotel & Spa's Office Manager and as the main face of  Z Pet, helps to ensure that everything runs smoothly with our staff, appointments, and our clients, both human and furry. Dee was born and raised in Santa Fe and really enjoys the veterinary world, which she has been immersed in for the past 10 years. She is mom to 2 dogs, Barkley and Blue, and a cat named Kitty. During her time off, she enjoys spending time with her family and having lots of outdoor adventures.

Inger Oldenburgh is Z Pet Hotel & Spa's Business Manager and she is a critical part of the team, offering organizational skills, veterinary experience, and business savvy. Her lifelong passion for animals grew into a career with years as a trained veterinary technician. Her skills and experience eventually expanded as office manager at a busy veterinary clinic and now business manager at Z Pet Hotel. She is currently working on a Business degree at Santa Fe Community College. She has two fur babies, Hope and Gage, and a Quarter Horse named Jenny. She says, "The best part about being part of the Z Pet family is enjoying all the pets that come to visit us while their owners are away. I love being able to have more than just my three fur babies to take care of and love." 

Geno Maes was born and raised in Santa Fe and has been a vet technician for over 7 years. At Z Pet Hotel & Spa he participates in several roles. Currently he works with the kennel team as a kennel tech and also helps with bathing and brushing in the salon. Geno will be an integral part of our in-home pet sitting program - in development - which he will manage. He loves playing and interacting with cute pups (and they're all cute!) and, when not at work, he enjoys camping, fishing, and sports.

Sheen Balatche, who also has experience as a vet technician assistant, works hard as part of our grooming team as a bather and brusher. She is also the talented photographer for many of our Instagram and Facebookimages capturing everyday life for pets and staff at Z Pet Hotel & Spa. Sheen is from Mescalero, a small Apache Reservation south of Santa Fe. Her love of animals, mainly dogs, came from her own doggo, Oreo. Sheen has seen how much animals like Oreo can help us overcome dark times and bring a greater sense of wellbeing in our lives. She says, "My weakness is big dogs and rescuing dogs on the Rez."