• All dogs staying with us at Z Pet Hotel & Spa must be current on ALL vaccines including DA2PP, Bordatella and Rabies. 
  • All cats boarding with us must be current on ALL vaccines, including Feline Distemper, Leukemia, and Rabies.

Important Health and Safety Information!

Top-Notch Pet Boarding for Dogs & Cats in Santa Fe

What some of our pet boarding & grooming clients say

Dog Boarding Rates

  • ​​​Boarding rates for dogs are: 

    SMALL (0-21 lbs)
    $35 for one dog
    $32 each for two dogs
    $29 each for three dogs
    $26 each for four dogs

    MEDIUM (22-50 lbs)
    $37 for one dog
    $34 each for two dogs
    $31 each for three dogs
    $28 each for four dogs

    LARGE (51-100 lbs)
    $38 for one dog
    $35 each for two dogs
    $32 each for three dogs
    $29 each for four dogs

    X-LARGE (100+ lbs)
    $39 for one dog
    $36 each for two dogs
    $33 each for three dogs
    ​$30 each for four dogs

Daycare Rates for Dogs & Cats

Dogs: $27.00 for a full day and $20 for a half day. Prices include multiple play times throughout the day in small controlled groups in our outdoor runs. 

​Cats: $15 per day. All of our daycare cats get TLC and friendly attention throughout the day.


Our clean and roomy indoor dog kennels give your pooch a safe place to relax

with their favorite toys and blankets.

Z Pet Hotel & Spa is Santa Fe's favorite
​pet boarding and grooming destination.

"Amazing place to take your pets for boarding or grooming. The owner Mark, is extremely nice and the staff seems to really know what they are doing. Even though I just have short haired little dogs they still did an awesome job with their grooming and when I left them for boarding for almost two weeks they weren't stressed out and terrified when I picked them up which was pretty much what I'd come to expect when picking them up from boarding. I'm sad that I was only passing through Santa Fe as this is the best place I've found for my kids. Will certainly use them again if we ever pass through. Thank you Z Pet!!"

-Bri K.

"My husband and I had just moved to Santa Fe 2 weeks before we flew back East for an extended Christmas visit with our families. While away we entrusted the care of our 2 yr old white German Shepherd and 3 yr old bearded dragon to Z pet hotel and spa and were not disappointed! The staff was extremely friendly and we felt comfortable leaving our "fur babies" in their hands. Both pets came back happy and calm, the staff even brought in special treats (fruits) for our bearded dragon. The staff was very knowledgeable about the care of beardies, which was very comforting since in our experience not many boarding places do."

-Jaclyn T.

Cat Boarding Rates


  • Cats from the same home are welcome to share one of our deluxe kitty condos, which comfortably hold two to three cats.
  • Boarding rates for cats are:

    $25 for one cat
    $22 each for two cats
    $19 each for three cats
    $16 each for four cats

Margie is a cat lover who gives daily TLC

to our guest cats, while keeping

their spacious condos fresh and tidy!

What to expect when your pet stays with us

  • We offer a safe and fun place for your furry family members to stay while you can't have them with you, either for short or long-term pet boarding. 

  • We want to make sure that your pet has a comfortable and happy overnight or daytime stay when coming for pet boarding at Santa Fe's Z Pet Hotel & Spa and do everything in our power to make that happen.

  • Please feel free to pack your pet's food if they are on a special diet or if you think it would be the best for them. Our staff also recommends that you pack their favorite bed or bedding and favorite toy to make their stay feel as comfortable and homey as possible.
  • Each pet receives hands-on attention and affection!